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Do you wish to join our Club and obtain a heap of advantages?
Come and be part of the Seres Vinos community.

Because at Bodegas Ochoa we live wine

Because we respect it to the utmost, look after it, improve it (through innovation but always with concern for the environment), harvest it from the vine, leave it to sleep quietly, and, when it is ready to depart, we watch it leave; sad, but also proud in the knowledge that it is one of us, but will be shared and enjoyed by others.

Why wine is part of our family

It can keep us awake at night; weigh on our minds; have us talking for hours… It has also brought us delight; moments of triumph; and the satisfaction of knowing we are doing things right. We see it as a living being and treat it as such. If you share this philosophy, join the Seres Vinos Club and enjoy all the advantages we have to offer: discounts, promotions, competitions, exclusive information…


  • Free inscription and membership.
  • Promotions and offers for members only.
  • Free delivery once a year (you will receive an email with a discount coupon)
  • Special prices at Bodegas Ochoa events.
  • Exclusive information through our Newsletter.
  • Competitions with very desirable prizes.

And much more that we will let you know in time!