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Bodegas Ochoa

Even before meeting Javier, I was already in love with wine, with which I have always lived in close contact because my family run the “Hotel Maisonnave”.

Javier and I were determined that we would one day devote ourselves exclusively to our own winery. I actually started to do so while Javier was still working for Evena. It was then, as I took care of the administrative and customer-service side of the business that the family started jokingly to call me “boss”. Those years were anything but easy, but they bring back very fond memories.

We have always been keen to innovate, ready to push ahead into new markets. We ventured abroad, leading the way into Denmark, Switzerland, England… before any of the other wineries, and I think that is what drove our will to innovate in other ways.

The best thing about our winery is that it exudes so much more than just a passion for wine. I believe we are the privileged owners of a winery with soul; this is why we are so convinced that Bodegas Ochoa will carry on for many generations to come.

“The best thing about our winery is that it exudes much more than just a passion for wine.” 


Ochoa Rosado de lágrima de Bodegas Ochoa

A great deal of work went into this wine. From the start, we placed our trust in what we considered the best choice of method: sangrado or bleeding. Quality has always been our top priority. This wine took our best efforts and we are confident that it is the best we could possibly make from our own grapes.


I love it for its physical features but also for what it means to me. Not only for colour, its aromas, its roundness in the mouth… but because it is also the hallmark of our winery and our passion for wine. El Ochoa Tempranillo Crianza says a lot to us… and to also our palates!