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A black grape that originated in the Medoc area of France and is now cultivated in all five continents. Low in yield, it has an intense, stable colour, small fruits, thick skin and is slow to ripen.

It makes dry, full-bodied wines, deep purple in colour, with good acidity. It is deep and intense on the nose, with floral (violets), fruity (berries) and vegetable (pepper) tones.

It is an important component of several of our wines, a good variety for blending.

Bodegas Ochoa grow Cabernet grapes in two very different areas, on the El Bosque Estate in Traibuenas, where it provides us with grapes with a high concentration of flavour and ripeness,; and also in Olite, where the predominant characteristics are elegance and potency.

The El Bosque Estate in Traibuenas produces Ochoa Rosado de Lágrima, Ochoa Reserva and Ochoa Gran Reserva, and the Montijo Estate in Olite gives us Ochoa Finca Montijo. Depending on the excellence of the harvest, we sometimes produce our Cabernet Reserva and Gran Reserva with grapes from the Montijo Estate.