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A high-yield, black grape that gives a well-textured, full-bodied, deep-coloured, lusty wine. Grenache is a highly oxidative variety, so the wine from Grenache grapes has a short-medium lifetime. The medium-sized, sweet, oval-shaped, dark red grapes grow in medium-sized compact clusters.

Grenache gives well-balanced wines with delicate fruity aromas. In Navarre, Grenache has traditionally been used to make pleasant, fruity rosés and young red wines with unique potential.

We have Grenache growing alongside Cabernet Sauvignon on our El Bosque Estate in Traibuenas. We use them for our Ochoa Rosado de Lágrima, Ochoa Calendas Rosado and Ochoa Calendas Tinto. It is one of our most iconic estates and forms part of the winery’s image. Fresh soil for top quality Grenache grapes.