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This is one of our most select varietals. Small-grained muscatel has been grown in Navarre for centuries to make cask-aged sweet wines.

Our R&D activity began with this variety and we were the first winery in Spain to take a chance on innovation. Our efforts soon paid off in the form of Ochoa Moscatel Vendimia Tardía, and a few years later in the innovative Ochoa MdO Moscato.

It is a white grape with a very powerful aroma and high sugar content. The root-stock is of medium-to-low vigour, early bud break and low yield.

The small, oval-shaped grapes grow in medium-sized, fairly compact clusters.

El Bosque and La Milla

The secret of our Muscatel is out there in the fields. Poor soil and maximum exposure to the sun create a microclimate ideally suited to the over-ripeness we are looking for. Another key factor is the clone. We practise massal selection, taking grafts from old muscatel grapevines in order to obtain plants that will reproduce the true characteristics of small-grain Navarra muscatel.