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Our 145 hectares of vineyards are largely situated in the vicinity of Traibuenas, a place selected by Javier Ochoa after meticulous examination of the climate and other aspects of this terroir, which convinced him that the land could be cultivated to produce the quality of grape we need to make our best wines.

Altitude: 400 metros

Situation: a few kms south of Olite

Soils: chalky clay

Orientation: South, thus ensuring high exposure to the sun. The scant rainfall in the area reduces the need for pest and disease treatments, thus allowing us to practice environmentally-friendly, integrated viticulture.

Conditions: ideal conditions for three very distinct varietals.

  • Finca El Bosque Muscatel: 16.8 hectares.
  • Finca El Bosque Cabernet Sauvignon: 4.8 hectares.
  • Finca El Bosque Grenache: 16.5 hectares.