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“At Bodegas Ochoa, our mainstay is the vine, but even the very best of treatment
would be to no avail if we didn’t also look after the Winery.”

Since 1992 we have been rebuilding and improving our winery to ensure that our wines are processed, stored, aged and bottled in the best possible conditions.

Technology and mechanization are again important, but we could still not do without the 14 professionals who provide our wines with the human touch, making sure at every stage that the grape or the wine is ready.

We harvest the grapes when the vine tells us we should, at each varietal’s optimum point of ripeness. Stainless steel vats enable us to produce our wines by plots, and thus monitor each one closely.

Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature; maceration is unhurried, and the wine is regularly pumped-over to bring out all the colour, aromas, and flavours of our grapes.

Our casks have a relatively short life cycle. We use them for as long as we find them to be enhancing the qualities of our wines, and then withdraw or sell them. Each Varietal is aged in a specially-selected type of 225 litre semi-toasted oak cask.

Tempranillo is aged in American oak, and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in French oak. Aging takes a minimum of one year in the cask for crianzas (Ochoa Tempranillo and 8A Mil Gracias), at least 14 months for reservas (Ochoa Reserva and 8A Origen), and a minimum of 24 months for Ochoa Gran Reserva.

Nevertheless, there are no fixed rules regarding the length of the ageing process. We always respect the minimum, but we let the wine speak to us through daily tasting and controls, and let it always have the last word.

We adhere to the strictest standards of traceability. Every batch of wine is closely controlled at every stage of the production process from the vineyard to the bottle, until it is finally handed over to the distributor.

We keep records of all physicochemical and sensory analyses; so it is possible to trace the history of each batch. Every detail of the bottling and marketing of the wine is also controlled to ensure conformance to quality standards and a program of supplier management and evaluation is also in place.