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“Wine is the pampered child of our household. From birth among the best grapevines, it is showered with constant love and attention. The grapes are picked when just ready and removed with care to the winery, where, under the strictest quality standards, their juices are extracted and left to develop for as long as necessary before being sent out into the world. The wines at Bodegas Ochoa include classics, cutting-edge classics, and a more innovative line resulting from experimentation and intended as a bonus to wine-lovers wishing to explore different flavours and aromas.”

These internationally acclaimed wines bear the signature of Javier, renowned oenologist and “alma pater” of the winery. They are his signature wines, the Ochoa flagship. Cutting-edge classics, delicious,well-balanced, aromatic and health-enhancing.

Javier has created six wines, each with its own nuances, aromas and body, but all with perfect balance and excellent quality. They are Ochoa Rosado de Lágrima, Ochoa Tempranillo Crianza, Ochoa Reserva, Ochoa Gran Reserva, Ochoa Finca Montijo and the famous Ochoa Moscatel Vendimia Tardía.


In the 8A Series, Adriana expresses her particular way of understanding wine and her modern, innovating spirit. Her elegant, modern, bold wines made with all the oenological mastery of those who have listened to their elders and understand that wine starts on the vine: -the vine to which six generations of her family have dedicated their passion. As a tribute to her elders, Adriana signs her series with the emblem of her grandfather: 8A.

It will probably not be long before Adriana enlarges the family by adding to this series, which currently comprises three excellent and quite distinct wines: 8A Origen, 8A Mil Gracias and 8A Moscato de Ochoa MdO. Her curiosity and keenness to create are sure to delight us and achieve further recognition for Bodegas Ochoa.


This is our young range. It takes its inspiration from the Roman calendar in which the beginning of the year coincides with the reawakening of our vineyard in Traibuenas. 200 days and several moons later, we pick the grapes to make our 4 Ochoa Calendas: Blanco, Rosado, Tinto and Roble.

Calendas is inspired by the moon and by Nature. It is a reflection of how we at Bodegas Ochoa always try to respond to the market with undiminishing quality and attractive options.