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Who we are

We are the Ochoa family: the fifth and sixth generation of a wine-making family who, along with our co-workers at Bodegas Ochoa, get up every day with a clear aim in mind: to work the land, striving without reserve to produce quality wines while keeping true to our principles, our land, and our history.

Our wine begins at home, on our own land, with our own vines, and is made and bottled in our own winery. We have every respect for the soil’s natural balance and we are a leader in wine R&D. In recent years, we have extended our production to include Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arbequina olives and Agraz-Verjus (verjuice).


Javier Ochoa

Mariví Alemán

Adriana Ochoa

Beatriz Ochoa

“For me it is a gift to see that my daughter, Adriana,
understands wine as I do”