Javier Ochoa’s six signature wines are among the best-known from our winery. Javier has poured into them all his experience, his love of the land, his regard for tradition and the vocation for innovation inculcated in him from childhood by his father. Javier is among the most prestigious enologists in the land and he is confident that every wine that bears his signature is a perfect example of Bodegas Ochoa quality.

Ochoa Lágrima Rosa


 Wines made by Javier Ochoa speak of an immense respect to the environment, to vineyard, to lots of work in the vineyard and to years of experience. Many tests, many successes, love for family (and for wine, one more in our family) and a solid respect for traditions improved by technology.

When Javier Ochoa created this wine in the 90´s it was with the aim of making the best possible rosé he could from his own grapes, using the typical Navarrese method of “sangrado”, or bleeding. His daughter, Adriana, has since taken up her father’s legacy.

Made with grapes Garnacha, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon from vineyard El Bosque from Traibuenas.

Ochoa Lágrima Rosa is made by “sangrado” or bleeding: the traditional Navarrese method for making rosé wines.

In this process, the grapes are lightly crushed (not pressed, so they release the lágrima or tears) and this juice is allowed to remain in contact with the flesh and skins for a time (4-6 hours), before being transferred into a stainless steel vat to ferment at a controlled temperature of 18ºC. Ochoa Rosado de Lágrima is one of our best-loved wines at national level and one of our most long-standing products.

Ochoa Rosado de Lágrima is one of our most valued wines by many markets for years. We recommend its consumption all year round, because it matches very well vegetable dishes, grilled dishes and pasta or rice. It matches also fish and seafood.

Available in 75cl. and 150cl.


Ochoa Tempranillo Crianza


 This Wine represents the pilars of Javier Ochoa’s philosophy, both in winery and vineyard. Very much looked after, it is the spoilt son of the house. It is the first red wine to start its conversion to organic certification in 2018.

This wine was created in 1987 by Javier Ochoa, who decided to take a chance on this privileged stand-alone varietal, which gives wine of excellent quality. At the time, it was unusual to name the variety on the label and we caused quite a stir by letting consumers know what they were enjoying.

Made with  Tempranillo 100% in parcel Santa Cruz in Traibuenas.

The finesse to make it crianza is achieved by aging it for 12 months in 225L American oak casks, after which it is rounded off in the bottle, where its characteristics continue to develop gradually and naturally.

It has very soft tannins and a delicious aroma of red berries.

Ochoa Tempranillo Crianza represents the wines of our terroir and our winery, which we continue to produce year after year because it is a quality reference among wine-drinkers.

It is a winner of various awards, mostly by the one given from the consumer.

It is a perfect wine to match any food or to enjoy with light tapas; easy to drink, it invites to a second glass. From a grilled steak to a stew or a cheese platter.

Available in 50cl., 75cl. & 150cl.



Ochoa Moscatel


The idea for a new style of natural sweet white wine from small-grained muscatel grapes was that of Javier Ochoa, when engaged in research on this varietal at the EVENA (Estación de Viticultura y Enología de Navarra- Navarra Viticulture and Oenology Station).

Our small-grained muscatel is very special, and its original characteristics are enhanced by over-ripening.

In Ochoa Moscatel we constantly reinvent ourselves and every vintage is different. Warm years bring out its intense honeyed, floral aromas, while in cooler years its notes of tropical fruits like pineapple and litchis and white flowers like elderflower. In any way the grape variety Moscatel has a special freshness that makes it very versatile and not cloying even though it is sweet.

Ideal for desserts, cheese, foie and also to make cocktails.


Ochoa Reserva


 Ochoa Reserva is a tribute to Adriano Ochoa Luna, fourth generation of the family. We dedicate one of our best wines to him. Innovative, elegant and made with patience to listen to nature and to select the best from it.

This wine is the result of exhaustive selection of grapes in the vineyard, that will age in American and French oak barrels for a long year, and a minimum of 3 years in bottle until it becomes Ochoa Reserva.

The pace of modern living often has us dashing around. But Nature is its own timekeeper and some things take time to reach their peak. Our Ochoa Reserva is one of them.

Made from Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the plots El Secadero, La Milla and Montijo. It ages during 7 years in the winery, being the first 15-18 months in 225 litres oak barrels. It is a mature red wine that mantains its fruit character being an elegant and smooth wine.


Ochoa Gran Reserva


Ochoa Gran Reserva is a reference of our winery and our family. is produced only in exceptional harvest years. Ochoa Gran Reserva is the result of an exhaustive selection of grapes in the vineyard. It’s the best of our best. We only make it in good years and the quantity varies.

It is an elegant, rounded wine with delicious tannins, aged long enough in the cask and in the bottle to become a Gran Reserva.

Made from Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes from vineyards El Secadero, La Milla and Montijo. It ages for 8 years in the winery, where the first 2 years ages in American and French oak barrels of 225 liters and the rest of the time in bottle until it reaches the moment to start drinking it. Of course this wine can still improve in the bottle. We estimate its potential in 10 more years once it is released into the market, so approximately 20 years since its harvest.

Apart from the classic bottle of 75cl, we also make big formats with wooden box (150cl magnum, 300 cl Double Magnum, 500cl, 900cl and 1500cl)

Perfect to enjoy with grilled meat, beef, pork, stews and cured cheeses.


Ochoa Finca Montijo


Ochoa Finca Montijo is the result of long years of experience and a careful selection of grapes from the best vines in our vineyard.
The idea for this wine came to Javier Ochoa in 2000 when Adriana was working in top wineries in France. He wanted a special wine, for the friends of our winery. It is only produced in years of exceptional harvests and, since the style and varietals change at our discretion, it is a wine of great personality.

Made from grapes Cabernet Sauvignon 45%, Merlot 45%, Tempranillo 10% of the single vineyard in Olite Finca Montijo. Very low yielding with a high quality, given the vines are treated like a treasure. In order to age this wine, we select top French oak barrels and sleeps in them for 12 months. Afterwards, it ages in bottle improving with time.



The 8A series is a very special one: not only because it bears the signature of Adriana Ochoa, who now wields the oenological baton at Bodegas Ochoa, or even because they were the brain child of one of the country’s most renowned oenologists, awarded Newcomer of the Year in 2014. The magic of this series lies in what is behind it, the meaning and the underlying concept. The 8A series brings together three generations. It is a tribute to an entire winemaking family


8A Uvadoble


 The investigation gen in the Ochoa Family continues in the sixth generation with Adriana Ochoa. After her work experience in the winery Yalumba in Australia Adriana fell in love with the grape variety Viognier. When she came home, she planted a small quantity of this grape to experiment with it. 2014 is the first vintage released.

8A Uvadoble is a white wine blend of two grapes varieties that start with V: Viognier and Viura. Therefore the name: Uvadoble (“double grape”).

The grape variety Viognier together with Viura is very well adapted to our climate in Traibuenas, showing in this dry White wine fruit aromas.
The Viura grapes makes the wine fresher. The wine has spent 6 months on its lees improving and getting a bigger volumen in the mouth and intensifying its fruit and flower aromas.

Ideal to match grilled fish and white meat. Also good to eat with salads and vegetables.


8A La Foto de 1938


 8 A La Foto de 1938 is a Wine made from three grapes in equal quantities: Tempranillo, Merlot and Graciano. It ages for 9 months in american and French used oak barrels.

This wine is a tribute to the fourth generation of Ochoa,Adriano Ochoa, inspiration to the coming generations. It is a praise to friendship in any form, like the image that represents the label: Adriano and his friends in Olite in 1938.

This wine is an invitation to toast with a loved wine and loved history made by Adriana Ochoa to remember her grandfather, who always made a special wine for his friends. And he would drink it with them.
It is a fresh red Wine with mainly red and black fruits and a special touch by the barrel where it has aged. It is easy to drink and also to gift friends with it.


8A Moscato de Ochoa (MdO)


8A Moscato de Ochoa MdO is the brainchild of Adriana, who discovered the wonderful Moscato D’Asti on a trip to Italy and began to mull over the idea of a low alcohol spumante from muscatel grapes (5.5%). On her return home, Adriana, put the idea into action and set about producing this delight, in response to market trends.

It is made with Moscatel de Grano Menudo 100% from the vineyards El Bosque in Traibuenas and La Milla in Traibuenas. 8A Moscato de Ochoa MdO is a sparkling semi sweet White Wine with light yellow color and a fine bubble that comes from fermentation. Low in alcohol , 5.5%, so easy to enjoy, you wish you had bought more bottles.


8A Mil Gracias


 8A Mil Gracias is a different, new, elegant wine that perfectly marries the traditional with the modern.

It is one that Adriana had always wanted to make, because until now Graciano grapes have always been used in blends. So it was a challenge for her to make a 100% Graciano wine.

“I have followed every step from the vineyard to the winery to create a modern wine from a variety that has been grown on our lands for many years”. Made with Graciano grapes from the vineyard La Pedrera in Traibuenas.
This wine is aged for 9 months in used barrels to smooth its potential aromas and flavours, keeping its original character.

8A Mil Gracias is a special Wine that conquers the most demanding palates. It surprises with its purple intense colour and the delicious aromatic black spiced fruits. It is a wine that surprises when matching the food with Navarra dishes such as ajoarriero (cod based dish), Idiazabal cheese and lamb. So delicious!


8A Origen


 8A Origen is Adriana’s response to the goal of producing a wine from three different varieties of grape grown on three estates with a common feature: the soil, which is a wonderful scree. The name ORIGEN, (origin in English) comes from the fact that this wine originates from grapes selected according to the type of soil in which they grow.

Made with Tempranillo (70%) , Merlot (20%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (10%) grapes from vineyards El Secadero (Tempranillo), La Milla (Merlot) and El Bosque de Traibuenas (Cabernet Sauvignon).

The grapes are selected according to the most stony soil of the vineyard, which makes the grapes ripe in a special way. Therefore this wine is a selection of grapes from 3 different plots, where the soil is the common denominator.

It ages in new american and french oak barrels for 15 months. And then ages in bottle until it is ready to drink. 8A Origen is mainly characterized from its freshness, minerality and great fruit character.


The series we call Ochoa Calendas represents our young wines, where the predominant characteristic is fruit. These fresh, fruited wines suit any palate.

For the Romans, the moon marked the Calends of March (their New Year’s Day) which, interestingly, coincides with the spring awakening of our vines, when our wine begins its lifecycle. The slogan for this series is “The moon is always there, even if we can’t see it”. It is meant to reflect our respect for the course of Nature, which is an essential part of making quality wines.


Ochoa Calendas Blanco


Ochoa Calendas Blanco is a dry White Wine, fresh, aromatic and easy to drink. It is easy to like this wine because of its citrus aromas and floral nose. It will surprise you in the nose and will lose your heart in the mouth. You will want to have more!

Calendas White is made of 3 varieties of grape: Viura gives it its freshness and vivacity; Chardonnay its structure; and a small percentage of Muscatel its fantastic floral aromas.

It is ideal for newcomers to the world of wine, and for all those who enjoy fresh, aromatic whites.


Ochoa Calendas Rosado


Navarra is famous for its rosés, made by the traditional method of bleeding and for its red grapes.

Ochoa Calendas Rosé is the most Navarrese of our rosés; characteristic for its intense pink colour due to its typical red berry and strawberry candy aromas.

We select the red grapes from our vineyard in Traibuenas in order to have a balanced and structured rosé wine. It matches very well vegetables, white meat and rice/pasta dishes. Rose wines are made to drink young and to be enjoyed during the 2 years after its harvest (September).


Ochoa Calendas Tinto


 Ochoa Calendas Red combines the elegance of Tempranillo (70%) with the fruitiness of Grenache (30%).

Grapes from our vineyard in Traibuenas: Finca Santa Cruz (Tempranillo) in organic viticulture and Finca El bosque de Traibuenas (Garnacha) in conversión to organic.

Stainless steel fermentation enables us to mantiain its breadth of aromas and good structure in the mouth make it enjoyable for any occasion. It is perfect for every day, high quality at a good value.


Ochoa Calendas Garnacha


The Grenache varietal is ideal for making fruity wines.
Ochoa Calendas Roble is 100% Grenache, with fine fruity aromas combined with light aromas from the oak, because of its aging in American and French oak casks for 4 months.

Garnacha grapes come from our vineyard El Bosque in Traibuenas, where a royal way for sheep’s is located. We find mostly aromatic flowers such as thyme, lavender, rosemary, etc. Calendas Garnacha has ripe fruit aromas and dry leaves such as the garrigue mentioned above. The oak is very light, so it is perfect for beginners wine lovers.


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