Last saturday June 3rd, Bodegas Ochoa opened his doors again to all that wanted to visit the winery, taste the great wines they offer and the complete agenda they had prepared for the whole family. 

At 10 am doors opened where more tan 150 people enjoyed the morning with winery tours, wine tasting and a seminar about wine barrels, given by exerts from Murua Coupers. There was as well music from the orchestra “Los Muetes” and activities for the Little ones of the families.

“We love to receive people in our winery. We are better in short distances and we love people to come and enjoy with us a morning of wine, music, families. It makes us feel closer to our consumers and see what they think to continue improving.” This is how Beatriz Ochoa, smiling, explained the summary of the day, currently general manager of the winery.

Adriana Ochoa, reminded everyone that you may book the winery tour through our website whenever you want. We now have more availability for winery tours and tastings. Next september 2nd, we will open again to a different party that we are still planning and everyone who wants to can book already. “


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