2016 vintage has been pretty different so we will find interesting hints. 2016 is also marked by a new way to make wine in Ochoa… More Ochoa than ever. 

This year we had a delay of 2 weeks average given the hot temperatures in august and september that blocked the sugar generation and the ripeness of the grapes.

Luckily drip irrigation has been key to maintain the leaves and to ripe when the weather has calmed down a little.

The average yieldings in our vineyard in Traibuenas has been 15% less than the previous vintage. This has given us a wonderful quality. This vintage we find very fresh and balanced wines. We can highlight the great quality of Tempranillo and Merlot black grapes.

Furthermore, 2016 marks a turning point in our winemaking because since this 2016 vintage all our production is fermented with our own yeast.

After years of work and many experimental vilifications, we have selected 4 natural yeasts from our own vineyard. They will be the responsible ones to transform the sugar into alcohol and to preserve all the positive characteristics from our grapes.

No doubt 2016 is a harvest to remember!


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