The Government of Navarra gives the distinction of “Cross of Carlos III” to Javier Ochoa. A distinction that recognizes publicly to people or entities that have highly contributed to the society progress in Navarra or to other markets impact in the community.

The Government considers that Javier Ochoa “ has contributed to promotion, push and development of the wine sector in Navarra, and has travelled with the name of Navarra to the most prestigious wine circles worldwide.

Furthermore, six other entities have been awarded with the same distinction. These are: Society Aralar Mendi Elkartea; DYA Navarra; Humberto Bustince (scientific); Jose Ulibarrena, sculptur; Julian Retegi, pelota player; Mirentxu Purroy, journalist.

The awards will be given on June 17th in the building next to the Cathedral of Pamplona that serves to the Government of Navarra. This building used to be the school where Javier Ochoa received part of his education in his early days.

The good news arrived on Javier Ochoa’s birthday. And once again, Javier Ochoa, reputed winemaker and father soul of Bodegas Ochoa declared “I feel enormously flattered to receive such an important recognition, meaningful to my homeland, Navarra, and surrounded by family and friends. I share this award with my wife Mariví”.

While Javier Ochoa amasses awards in his career, his daughters, Adriana and Beatriz continue with the family business working restless so Bodegas Ochoa can continue being a great example of Navarra wine taking its name to the highest in the wine world.