In Bodegas Ochoa we dedicate our efforts in the vineyard, in the olive tres to create healthy products with high quality. With this objective we started to make extra virgin olive oil, the highest quality. Our father Javier Ochoa also recovered the medieval condiment Verjuice for traditional and modern cuisine.

Ochoa extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality standard and the only one we make, from Arbequina and Koroneiki olive varieties.

Surrounding our vineyards in Traibuenas, we have 27 hectares of olive trees that give us fantastic olives harvested early to obtain our extra virgin olive oil. Since January 2017, we have started the conversion to organic. We estimate that in 2020 our olive oil will have the certification and our olive oil will be organic certified.

We make a cold pressing to our olives to obtain the highest quality that is presented in two formats (50 cl. Bottle and 2 liters can) and it gives great flavors to many dishes and it is very healthy.

The design has been renovated with a new image, a painted bottle to protect the inside and cleaner to use.
Ochoa Agraz Verjus is made from our main product: grapes, but in this case, unripen (agraz means unripen grapes).

It is used as a cooking condiment and as ingredient basic for sauces in classic and modern kitchens.

Thanks to the investigations made by “Sociedad Navarra de Estudios Gastronomicos”, in Bodegas Ochoa we started in the 90s to elaborate this exquisite and historic condiment with the objective of recovering the Navarra tradition.

The image of this product has also been renovated with a painted bottle. This time, Adriana has made the Agraz Verjus following her instincts and suggestions from her father Javier.


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