The grape variety Merlot is origin from south west france, with a high importance in Bordeaux.

Merlot is a great partner for Cabernet Sauvignon, adding softness and meatiness.
The curiosity of its name comes from the Bordeaux dialect where Merlot means `petitoiseaunoir´(mirlo). These birds love this grape because of its sugar content and it is common to see black birds around it.

Merlot bunches are cilindric, medium size, not crowded and with blue-black grapes. It produces very aromatic and fine wines with red berries aromas such as cherries.

This grape is authorized in Navarra since 1986 and it is planted in dry areas such as our vineyard in Traibuenas and Olite, in the south of Navarra.

You may find this grape in the following Ochoa wines: Ochoa Lágrima Rosa, Ochoa Reserva, Ochoa Gran Reserva, Ochoa Finca Montijo & 8A Origen.