Moscatel de Grano Menudo is one of our most special grape varieties. Its name comes from the format because Grano Menudo means small berries in Spanish. In France it is recognized as Muscat aux Petit Grains although it has more than 300 synonyms. For example, in Macedonia and Serbia, it is called “temjanika”.

This grape has been planted in Navarra for centuries, and it is the one that marked our first Research Project in 1994. Back then, we decided to make improvements to control this grape and to make a late harvest sweet white wine. Years later, another revolution run with our Ochoa MDO Moscato de Ochoa. Years ago we also decided to add some Moscatel (not late harvest) to our still dry white wine: Calendas Blanco. It adds great aromas to this wine. The secret of our Ochoa Moscatel Late Harvest is in the vineyard. Poor soils, vines towards the south to get sun exposure and a mix of clones to reach the maturity we are looking for. This grape has great honey aromas, toasted almonds, raisins, roses, white flowers, etc. We suggest you try it with strong cheeses and salty dishes to experiment with your palate. A sweet wine is not only for desserts.


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