Graciano grapes are original to La Rioja and Navarra, where it is traditionally used in blends of Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva.

Its name, Graciano, (gracious) gives a hint that it is used to add grace to wines adding color and freshness.
Since 2006 we make a single varietal of Graciano called 8A Mil Gracias, created by Adriana Ochoa, sixth generation of the family. This was the first red of the last generation, a 100% graciano that shows the union of a unique soil from finca La Pedrera and the singularity of the grape variety.
This is a wine for curious and adventurous wine drinkers.
This black grape has a low yielding and a late budding that gives highly rated wines. Bunches are big with small rounded grapes, with a thick and black skin.Wines made with this grape are highly valued because of its rarity and uniqueness.

Wines made with Graciano have a violet color, high freshness given its acidity and very aromatic of black fruits. Its evolution in the barrel and bottle is very positive.

Wines made with Graciano have great aromas and long life. It is a capricious grape and with character. It gives unique and surprising wines.

Try this wine with a very Navarra typical dish: lamb with a sauce of peppers and onions! Chilindron!


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