Garnacha grapes gives juiciness to the wines, delicate aromas and fruits.Traditionally in Navarra, Garnacha grapes have been used to make young and juicy wines.

Garnacha is one of the mostly planted grape varieties in the world. Its origin is probably from Aragon, region to the east of Navarra. It was one of the first black grapes to get to Australia.

In Navarra, Garnacha has dominated the vines planted in t he past. Nowadays tempranillo has overcome the number one. However, Garnacha wines from Navarra are lighter and fruitier and more appropriate for earlier consumption.

This grape tends to be oxidative, so the longetivity is not always its virtue. Bunches are medium size and compated. Grapes are sweet, “ovaladas” and intense red color.

It is not always an early bird in the harvest season, so it needs warm and dry conditions, such as the ones offered by our vineyard El Bosque in Traibuenas.

With this grape, we make the following wines: Ochoa Lágrima Rosa, Ochoa Calendas Rosado, Ochoa Calendas Tinto y Ochoa Calendas Garnacha 100%.


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