8 in Spanish is [ocho] and our last name is ocho-a. Therefore 8 A is our last name in number and letter.

Bodegas Ochoa’s origins are from 1845, and our wines were of a known brand and they could be seen and tasted in European fairs and receiving awards.

In 1892 Nicolas Ochoa transports Ochoa wines to the other side of the Atlantic ocean. Later in time, Adriano Ochoa set the roots of our philosophy and values nowadays.

Bodegas Ochoa has always been a family business. And generation after generation we have transmitted passion and love for wine.

Currently, we, Adriana and Beatriz represent the sixth generation of Ochoas and we work every day to maintain the quality standards that we demand to ourselves.

Our father Javier Ochoa has been key in our philosophy and his father Adriano marked strongly our personality .

We wanted to highlight the job of our grandfather Adriano and we created the series of wines 8 A signed and created by Adriana Ochoa, making a link to his signature.


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