1370. This is the date of the first document that relates Ochoa with Olite and wine. In this document, the queen Juana, wife of Carlos II, pays to Ochoa de Ayand, wine master from Olite, 36 pounds and 20 wages as a payment to 216 vessels of wine.

So, back in time we were the wine suppliers of the royalty in Navarra. In Olite, where our winery is located, there is a medieval palace that used to be the summer residence of the royal family. This palace, as said before, was a residence, not a defensive castle, and it is in the old part of town. We highly recommend you to visit Olite, the medieval palace and our winery, where we make winery tours every day of the week.

Bodegas Ochoa as you may know it today exists since 1845. Currently the new winery, built in the 1980’s by our father Javier, is run by Adriana and Beatriz, 6th generation. Will it continue? For the moment, there are two candidates, but still very young. Like vineyards… time will decide what will happen.


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