The Ochoa Calendas selection represents our young wines,
where fruit is the main characteristic.
These wines are fresh, fruity and for all types of
The name comes from ancient culture, in which the moon
governed the lives of human beings and nature, measured time and
marked the beginning of life.

For the Romans, the moon
marked the Calendas de Marzo (the first day of the year) which
coincides with the day that our vineyards awaken and our
vines comes to life. That’s why we decided to
name this series of
wines this way. Because
it is the date on which our work in the vineyard with a new quality
harvest begins.
The slogan that accompanies this series is “There is
always a moon, although we do not see it” and reflects our respect
for the course of nature, which is essential to producing quality

Currently the Calendas series is represented by 4 wines:
Ochoa Calendas red (Tempranillo and Garnacha), Ochoa Calendas
Garnacha (Garnacha 100%), Ochoa Calendas rosé and Ochoa Calendas
white (Chardonnay and Viura).