In Navarra we think the sangrado (saignee or bleeding) method to make rose wines is the best to make elegant and tasty fruitful rose wines. Rose wines made by saignee are longer in the mouth and its shelf life is longer.

In order to make rose wines from saignee we need only black grapes, which are destemmed and grapes are transported to a vat where the juice will macerate with the skin between 4 and 8 hours.

After this period of time, the juice becomes a beautiful pinky colour and this is when we extract a little part to another vat to ferment separately from the skins.

In Ochoa we think rose wines are great wines. In the end, we are using the best part, the first extraction of juice and the most aromatic part of the grapes.

“The saignee method makes us need 5 kilos of grapes to make one bottle of wine. It is a very demanding method and we have always defended it.” Says Adriana Ochoa, winemaker of Bodegas Ochoa.



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