8A Moscato de Ochoa MdO is born in Adriana’s head during a trip to Asti in Italy (2005), where she got back home and with her father Javier, they started to search for the best way to make a high quality sparkling low alcohol wine with their grape Moscatel de Grano Menudo.

Following the trends of the market of lowering the alcohol level of consumption, Adriana set the alcohol to 5.5%, achieved by stopping the fermentation. At this point Moscatel grape juice fermentation is stopped and we have the natural bubbles from fermentation in the delicious drink. Its fine bubbles has a great number of fans, with its semi sweet flavour.

The last innovation achieved is the closure, created and patented in Australia to maintain the bubbles and to be able to open and close the bottle without losing its characteristics.

It will be your choice to finish the bottle or to keep some for your friends.

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