Verjus is a term that comes from the words vert and jus, which mean green juice. It is originally French, in English verjuice. Agraz is the term for unripe grapes. Verjus is the juice that comes from its pressing. 

Verjus is used as a cooking condiment in top cuisine and also as an ingredient for sauces. 

Thanks to the investigations carried out by the Navarra Society of Gastronomic studies, we started to make this condiment in the late 90’s and since then we try not to lose an exquisite and historic condiment that is made from the grape varieties: Adriana

Its harvest takes place in August, where the grapes are still green. These grapes are pressed and the resulting juice, high in good acids, and with little sugar is fermented. 

It is ideal for creating sauces, as a direct complement in meat, mostly in stews, carpaccio, grilled and on the oven fishes, marinated salmon, legumes, vegetables, etc. and great with dessert with fresh strawberries. 

In current cuisine, Verjus is used in two ways: 

Dishes where a splash of Verjus adds acidity to the dish 

Sauces where verjus is added to the meat or fish juice. The most popular example is mustard. 

In order to obtain a more intense flavour, you can cook it and reduce it to half. 

Here you can find some recipes suggestions:


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