It was 1994 and Javier Ochoa planned to launch Ochoa Moscatel late harvest. 

Years of investigation have proved that to make a great wine it is very important to have a careful viticulture and a low yielding in the vineyard. 

No doubt that Ochoa Moscatel is one of the results of these studies. A sweet wine where each vintage can be different. Warmer years we have more honey, floral and great aromatic potential. However, in fresher vintages, we have more tropical fruit aromas, white flowers and great acidity. The ageing potential of this wine is very high. 

The harvest is done very early in the morning to get the grapes very fresh. A selection of grapes slightly shrivelled are transported to the winery and pressed without oxygen to keep the aromas from the grapes. The best of this wine is that when you enjoy it, it brings you back to the vineyard in Traibuenas, eating a bunch of grapes from the plant. 

Since 1994, we have always a R&D project in our plans, always from a respectful manner and following the sustainable and organic farming. 

Some of our projects are: 

  • Hydric stress
  • Vineyard irrigation and green covers
  • Mdo Moscato de Ochoa, sparkling low alcohol 5.5% 
  • Carbon Neutral certification. 
  • Yeast selection from our vineyard to ferment our wines
  • Olive trees plantation 
  • Hotels for insects that help us kill plagues naturally
  • Organic certification in vineyard and olive trees (in conversion currently) 


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