”We are restless. We love the land and all it can give us when tended properly.
We care about what we drink but also about what we eat. We like to study, explore and innovate. We love our land, Navarra, and its gastronomy. 
Thus, we launched into the production of two food dressings that are closely associated with Olite and our terroir: olive oil and verjuice.“


Talking about our land is talking about the love for good wine and also for the great gastronomy. It is also talking about families that get together in long converstaions during their meals. It is talking about groups of friends that get together to enjoy food and wine in their private clubs. And it is also talking about the Restaurantes del Reyno (enlace), about pinchos and about a philosophy of understanding that life is celebrated with a glass of wine.


In Bodegas Ochoa we are proud of our origin and we want to join in the kitchen and contribute to distribute it around the globe. Therefore we are also producers of Extra Virgin Olive oil from first cold extraction, the highest quality in the sector. And we also produce a small quantity of Agraz Verjus, a cooking condiment from medieval times. We invite you to continue reading to know them better. You will love them!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arbequina & Koroneiki


Generations of us here at Bodegas Ochoa have dedicated our lives to viticuture. Our love of farming and the quality of our terroir inspired us to offer our customers another item for their table: a basic ingredient of Mediterranean gastronomy: olive oil.

In our land in Traibuenas, next to our vineyards, we have 50 hectares of olive trees of the varieties Arbequina & Koroneiki, from where we make extra virgin olive oil. These olives are pressed in cold temperatures to obtain its juice to make the highest quality of olive oil: extra virgin.



Agraz Verjus


We love our land, Navarra, and of course its Gastronomy. We also love history and innovation. Therefore we decided to recover Agraz Verjus and introduce it into modern kitchens, a cooking condiment used in medieval times.

Agraz Verjus was used mainly (and it is used currently) as an ingredient in sauces and other uses to increase the freshness and acidity in traditional stews, beans and fish.

Thanks to the research done by the Navarra Society of Gastronomic studies we started to make this cooking condiment in the late 90’s and since then we didn’t want to lose a traditional and historic product.

It is made from Green grapes harvested in August and fermented. 6% alcohol.


Natural Honey from Traibuenas


In our conversion to organic there are plenty of other initiatives to improve the healthiness of our vineyard and olive trees. Threfore we decided to bring beehives to our plot El Bosque de Traibuenas to help us pollinate our vineyard and olive trees.

After two years adapting to their new habitat, they are well adapted and produce honey from all the flowers around the vineyard. Among them we can find rosemary, thyme, lavender, apart from the olive trees and vines.

We have very little stock of honey, totally free from any additive, that we decided to pack and offer it to you. It is delicious and very natural.


C/Miranda de Arga 35 31390 Olite (Navarra) info@bodegasochoa.com +34 948 740 006

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